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Training Materials
Training manual coming soon!

This training manual will serve as a guide to help you train others in the RF-DASH program. Similar to the in-person trainings, this manual will walk you through the five modules of the RF-DASH program, how to conduct a training and farm visit, tips on talking to the media about a agricultural incident, and much more. We want you to be the advocate for the program and expand its reach to others in your community, and be the rural emergency responder that delivers agriculture safety and health.

Firefighters/EMS are trusted sources of information for media professionals and the communities they serve. The RF-DASH Media Guidelines for Emergency Responders is designed to help firefighters and EMS on how to conduct interviews with the media, disseminate health and safety messages, and tips on how to establish relationships with your local media organizations.

These slides are an adaptation of the RF-DASH Media Guidelines for in-classroom use.

RF-DASH Training Certificate

Informational Materials

RF-DASH has continued to grow and scale-up across the U.S. and Canada. This current success story provides information and progress over the programs five years that you can share with those new to the program.

Revised 1/28/2021

This brochure will help Fire/EMS introduce the program with the agricultural community on how RF-DASH can make their operations safer.

Revised 1/4/2024

Introduction to Farm MAPPER provides information on the Farm MAPPER program for those interested or new to RF-DASH.

Revised 2/25/2022

Introduction to provides information on the website for those interested or new to RF-DASH.


These customizable business cards are designed for RF-DASH members to hand out to interested audiences so they can contact you to discuss implementing RF-DASH in their departments, organizations, and communities.

The RF-DASH Directory lists individuals that have taken the RF-DASH training and are now Farm Hazard Analysts. If you are a farmer or rural emergency responder seeking more information about the program, you can contact individuals in your region.  

RF-DASH Firefighter Poster with contact information (11×17).

RF-DASH Farm Poster with contact information (11×17).

List of common and critical hazards on farms to be assessed with Safer Farm.

Training Videos

Tools of the Trade: Safer Farm Usage Overview

Module 1: Introduction to Emergencies (Partial)

Module 2: Preplanning and Mapping Farm using Farm MAPPER

Module 3: Farm Hazard Analysis

Module 4: Farm Family Emergency Response Program

Module 5: Approaching the Farm Community

Funding Acknowledgement

UMASH Pilot Award P005501204 (2014-2016) ● CDC-NIOSH U54 OH010170 (UMASH) (2016-2022) ● CDC-NIOSH U54 OH010170-11 (UMASH) (2022-2027) ● NIH-NCATS U54 TR002373-06 (E2I, UW-Madison) (2024-2025)