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Four Gas Monitor Program

Four Gas Monitor Program

On August 15th, 2016, Mike Biadasz was agitating a large outdoor manure pit on the family farm when he was fatally overcome by hydrogen sulfide gas. Mike’s family established a gas monitor program to help prevent other families from enduring the same kind of tragedy.

Supported by the Mike Biadasz Farm Safety and Education Memorial Fund and the National Farm Medicine Center, the Agriculture Rescue Training program will provide your department with a FREE four gas monitor when you bring three department members of their department to the Agriculture Rescue Training event.

The meters supplied by the Agriculture Rescue Training program are intended to keep both first responders and agricultural community members safe. We hope that farmers and ranchers in your area will utilize them with your guidance.

Lastly, your area needs to know about any prevention or educational programs you are implementing with the gas monitor and how you acquired the equipment – tell your story and why its important for everyone’s safety.

To learn more about Mike’s story, visit:

For information on the 3-year gas monitor, click here.

Download a Four Gas Monitor Program info sheet here.

Photo courtesy of Conway Shield